Nanomõõtmetes segud magneesiumisisaldusega


Nano Oxides, Carbonates and Hydroxides of Magnesium: white odourless powders, non toxic

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NMagnesium. Nanolisandid PVC lehtedes

Exhibits unique properties and can be used as a catalyst in electronics and ceramics, oil refining, in textile industry, for the synthesis of brand new, high-performance fire retarding agents and as an ideal material for the fabrication of industrial fabrics.


Small size of particles and their uniformity enhance the aggregation strength of the materials. These compositions enable to manufacture wear and tear resistant coatings, plastics and rubber products, optical glass and ceramics. They can also be used in rendering weather resistance, enhancing strength and making more transparent.

After surfaces are treated by nano compositions based on magnesium compounds, they become hydrophilic and lipophilic.

Name MgO,%, min Average of the grain size (nm) Specific surface area(m2 /g) Comments
NMagnesium-01 98 40 20 Good shape, good dispersion
NMagnesium-02 98 20 60 High specific surface area
NMagnesium-03 - 10 - Magnesium carbonate
NMagnesium-04 - 10 - Magnesium carbonate, Lipophilic
NMagnesium-05 - 10 - Magnesium Hydroxide

Range of application

Fire retardant used for chemical fiber and plastics.
High-temperature dehydrating agent used for the production of silicon steel sheet, high-grade ceramic material, electronic industry material, adhesive and additive in the chemical raw material.
High-frequency magnetic-rod antenna, magnetic device filler, insulating material filler and various carriers used in radio industry.
Refractory fiber and refractory material, magnesite -chrome brick, filler for refractory coating, refractory and insulating instrument, electricity, cable, optical material, material for steel-smelting furnace and other high- temperature furnaces, heating material and ceramic base plate.
Electric insulating material for making crucible, smelter, insulated part (tubular component), electrode bar, electrode sheet.
Fuel additive, cleaner, antistatic agent and corrosion inhibitor.

Recommended dosage

The quantity range to be added 0.5-5%. The user should determine the optimal quantity to be added according to own system and through testing or contact us